Too Long

its been way too long since I’ve written.  I’ve never been good about blogging. I got engaged, interviewed for a job and a million other things.  I don’t have said job – yet.  Still engaged – and overwhelmed.  And hating, hating, hating my body.  Which goes against what I had hoped to accomplish this year.

I was hoping I had hit that age where I got more comfortable in my skin and was happier with myself.  Instead I dread look at wedding dresses or taking pictures. And its a downer.

In real like I have nothing to complain about – so I will stop there.

But – update on one of my “30” projects, I did not submit my writing piece in time.  And that just adds to my disappointment in myself.


Not on the list

So something that was NOT on my list for 30 was getting engaged.  Not because I didn’t want to, but because I didn’t want to count any chickens if you will.

But I’m engaged! I’m a fiance! And soon (a year?) a Mrs. Which is totally weird.

Anywho.  In my “30 List” my strawberries have sprouted.  Four total – two are actually red and look edible.

But that is my engagement post.  I don’t think I will be boring everyone with the wedding planning, instead I hope to continue to bore you with my list of things I want to do this year (of 30).

Speaking of the “list” I had a great conversation with a family friend about starting my little business.  It was very inspirational and she made a great point (which I think applies to life in general):  don’t  judge yourself too harshly, as long as you are moving forward you are succeeding.

I need to remember that as I get my work life sorted and hopefully my business sorted soon.


Its been a week of craziness.  The wedding season has started so two parties so far, a few more down the line and of course THE BACHELORETTE PARTY!  While all of these are fun events, its exhausting and expensive.  This past weekend has been nice and quieter, though I’m not at home which always makes for slightly more exhausting weekend.  But its been a great, and emotional weekend, full of food and family. 

Celebrating my mom’s birthday is always fun, dunkin donuts and later in the day her favorite Italian restaurant.  It was nice, but sad.  I love reminiscing about her, but it always stirs up the emotions.  But its our way of celebrating and remembering her. 

We met up with some of my mom’s friends the next day and it was great.  They are so supportive, although incredulous that I’m 30, and that m sister is pregnant.  Seeing the old group, and the older pictures – wow!  Time flies. 

I guess I’m starting to feel that tick of the clock more.  I can’t believe I’m 30 – not because its old, but because I feel more how limited the time is.  And so much to do!  So I’m still working on my list.  Finishing my first writing piece for submission, and taking the first steps towards bringing my favorite charity to my new city.  So chuggin’ along.  And hopefull will get a permanent job somewhere in that mix 🙂

If nothing else so I can buy a better present for my neice who will be here in August.  Only the best for Maddie Pattie.

One Step Forward…

I had a good week.  Busy at work, but not too busy.  Got a lot done around the house.  Ate well but didn’t exercise at all.  I thought that was the first step to towards that whole instinctual eating thing.  Alas, a trip home, a bridal shower – a few ham biscuits and peach sangria later – and I’ve probably put a couple pounds back on.

I know its now time to get back to my gym habit.  Start training for the triathalon.  And most of all start working on my list of things for 30.  Entering a memoir contest is next up.

My lettuce died, but the tomatoes are sprouting and the herbs are holding steady.  So you know, not all was lost on that challenge.   And I’m proud of what I have been able to keep alive, which is really the end goal.  Do these things outside my comfort zone or world of knowledge and succeed, even a little bit.   So I’m proud, a seed is growing.  I’ve written a short memoir story, and soon my tri-training begins!!

Win – Win Weekend

So not only was the weather amazing this weekend, but I was feeling amazingly inspired.  So in relaxing, lazy days I decided to make homemade pita bread, which was amazing.  And then I made an wonderful Morroccan meatball tagine, that just delightful!

The sad news is I have lost the lettuce.  Its been too hot, I couldn’t do anything to save it.  So sad.  The tomatoes are still sprouting, so I hope I can not kill the rest of my plants and maybe even grow something.

The next challenge on my “30” list is writing.  Doing more of it, and not this one off blogging.  More memoir writing.  So I will be entering a contest by the end of this month.  We’ll see how that goes.

I decided I needed retail therapy and new clothes tonight after leaving work.  Except retail therapy is supposed to make one feel better.  Not so in my case.  When trying on clothes that are tight or unflattering – it makes the experience depressing.  And then its just a vicious cycle.  So, I have some new cute clothes – to accommodate the new not-so-cute-pounds.

I did make a decent dinner though instead of eat some sorrows away.  Spaghetti squash carbonara.  Think about it – all the yum- less of the calories.

Win: Tomatoes

So one of my Challenge 30 tasks was planting, gardening, green thumbing – whatever you want to call it.  And while my lettuce is flagging , and the spinach is soldiering on, the herbs look healthy and the strawberries are surviving – my proudest moment was this afternoon when I saw four green leaves sprout from the tomato seeds I planted a few weeks ago.  All the other plants I bought already sprouted.  The tomatoes – I planted.  I gambled.  And as of right now – they are sprouting! Sort of victory!

I didn’t kill them!  I haven’t yet killed the other plants.  This fact alone makes me happy.  Pathetic?  Perhaps.  But I take what I can get when it comes to gardening.  I can’t be perfect my first year – but so help me God, I can be adequate.